"An exciting adventure served by a remarkable artwork”
"The big adventure in cinemascope!"
"Did you draw this?"
régis LOISEL

the complete

Orphan and clandestine slave, Castan wants only one thing: to be free. But for now, survival is necessary. Follow Castan and his comrades-in-arms in their thrilling adventures, where intrigues, military feats, secret loves, and genuine camaraderie intertwine. Discover the legend of Castan, the man who will make empires tremble...

castan t.4

the tiger's gambit

2023 (des bulles dans l'océan)

The Morellon brothers sign the fourth and final installment of the Castan saga. One might think that simply fleeing one's destiny is enough to escape it. But that's not the case... Aléa jacta est! It is high time to plunge into the last battle, the only one that should have been fought... The only one that will allow Castan to find what he is looking for...

Castan 2 - The Land of Thunder Dragon is superb. By its history. By its characters. By its pencil strokes of great reality. Of great beauty. It is with happiness, curiosity, and apprehension that the pages turn. That the feelings embrace us and carry us away without warning in a frantic rhythm. It is a magnificent comic book that will please both young and old. A true delight.
Amélie Diack
author, literary columnist, and blogger.
This volume 1 of Castan has been an excellent surprise for me. [...] All the ingredients are there: a complex and well-crafted plot, a perfectly paced story (without any dull moments), and top-notch direction! My only criticism would perhaps be a lack of details in certain scenes that make them less readable. But other than that, it's flawless! I'm off to order volume 2.
BD Gest Reader
Adventure, travel, and change of scenery will be on the agenda of this series that starts off with a bang. The authors who are starting out in comics are two brothers. After three years of graphic research, they are signing their first album. The series will be planned in several cycles, with the first one consisting of three volumes. For a first attempt, I find the performance to be very successful. They have talent. [...]
BD Gest Reader